Autism Spectrum Disorder may be diagnosed from the age of three and tends to affect four times as many boys as girls. Many experts in the field such as Pediatricians, Psychologists and Psychiatrists are specifically trained in Autism, using a combination of tools, observations and parental overview to ascertain a child’s level on the Autism Spectrum. If a diagnosis is reached, a child may be eligible for Government funding to procure services, which help a child to adapt best to his or her environment.

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder have difficulties with social communication and have  elevated and diminished levels of sensitivity to taste, touch, sight and sound. They also exhibit narrowly focused interests and repetitive behaviours. Two evidenced based factors indicate that a child diagnosed with Autism child may have faster than average brain overgrowth and that differing components of the brain are not able to communicate with each other in a typical way.

While causational studies are unable to establish exact causes for Autism, Medical Scientists believe the group of conditions, which make up Autism Spectrum Disorder, may be genetically based and may implicate complex interactions between a number of genes.

PEDAL Speech Pathologists and Education Therapists are trained in Hanan, PECS and a number of other tools to help parents with Children who are on the Autism Spectrum. The Sensory Gym is specially designed for children to explore sights, sounds, lights, movement and balance and often activates neuronal pathways that build connection, understanding and group participation. PEDAL Speech Pathologist, Lyn is an ABA expert who can design social communication scripts for  5 – 12 old children to learn how to interact in certain social situations.

For a more detailed analysis of Autism PEDAL recommends viewers look at the ASPECT and Raising Children websites: