Living with a fussy eater? Feeding difficulties in children can range from restricted food choices, to food refusals or to complete meltdowns at meal times. All of these things cause stress at meals and make it hard to ensure your child is eating all the food they need to grow.


Dietary Challenges

It is often difficult to know what causes these feeding problems: A past history of choking, sensory difficulties, poor posture and behavioural problems are some of the reasons behind fussy eating.

Workshops will be run by a PEDAL Speech Pathologist who has a long history in dietary education. An Occupational Therapist with an interest in fine motor skills may also offer good advice during session. They will give you tips and tricks to reduce stress and make meal times more enjoyable. There will be two sessions of 1.5 hours with a gap between to try new strategies between sessions.

My girl screams when she sees some foods and I think it must be because that food makes her sick when she eats it.
— Mother of Jane