Early educational interventions, during the years from birth through primary school, are an effective way to prevent learning difficulties and to promote healthy development.


PEDAL Education Specialists are experts in the following fields:

  • School readiness
  • Health status
  • Ability to embrace learning in educational environments
  • Progress through their grades by preventing further disruption
  • Early social learning opportunities to achieve social readiness
  • Optimizing and supporting the family environment

Traditionally Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) supports families and young children with developmental delays/ disabilities from birth to commencement of school (generally from 0-6 years). At PEDAL our Education Therapists are now seeing primary school children to reduce the service gap between Early Childhood Intervention and Educational Institutions.

Information, supports and resources are provided in many different locations : in family homes, community settings, schools and specialist settings. Supports and resources are provided indirectly and directly to children and families. The focus of support may be on individuals, interaction partners (a parent or an educator), small groups (a family or a peer network) and larger community groups.

Active Learning Supports are individually designed and tailored with families to address particular child and family circumstances. Supports may include competency in early childhood development, neurological/physiological diversity, family centered practice, social and cultural diversity, home visiting, observing, analyzing, reporting, and formal assessment. PEDAL may also order and distribute resources from leading Australian toy/education companies.

Going to primary school would have been very hard without the PEDAL staff helping with transition.
— Father of James