To the PEDAL Family,

Wherever you are in the PEDAL Family…either a Mum or a Dad... a sibling, cousin, Aunt, Uncle, past or present client... you will be happy to hear that PEDAL is learning and processing the new NDIS changes... to inform you at every step of the way.

We have been advised by Joanne Mclean, who heads the local Northern NSW area for NDIA (which is the financial side of NDIS) that most of PEDAL’s client base will not be transitioning to NDIS until later in the year. The NDIS roll out begins July 1st with accommodation and 24/7 presenting need clients first. So most of the PEDAL children will be supported with existing funding streams until most likely the fourth quarter of the year (September+ for NDIS rollout).

In preparing PEDAL clients for NDIS we have found a specialist service provider called ‘ First Chance’ from Newcastle, who has operated as a trail site for NDIS for the last two years. First Chance has a similar client base to PEDAL families with children who have Autism, Early Childhood Delay and Childhood Medical Conditions….operating in the fields of Education, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Psychology. As you may be aware there are many organisations who are offering broad Information sessions and some of these don’t suit PEDAL clients.

PEDAL Staff will be able to isolate exactly what our clients need and then we will tailor information sessions to you. As the year unfolds our staff will help each individual PEDAL Family to identify needs and define a pathway to transition to NDIS. Your favourite staff member will give you as much individual family time as you need to maximise your NDIS opportunity. PEDAL staff can also help define and communicate your child’s issues to NDIS representatives.

NDIS introduces a different funding system: Currently a service organisation is funded for 1-3 years with a parcel of money from Departmental/ Government funding divisions (eg. HCWA and ADHC ) for anyone who comes through the door throughout the funding period who fits program funding criteria. With NDIS, clients are assessed for their lifelong needs at a Planning meeting between the client and NDIS representatives. Funding is made directly to the client to be spent as negotiated in the Planning Meeting.

NDIS offers choice to the client. From research conducted by the Government, we hear that NDIS improves access and choice for clients. From the field we are hearing some people are better off…some people are not.

Because NDIS is new and the ground rules are changing weekly… PEDAL is keeping up with everything that the PEDAL Families may need. NDIS is not set in concrete and is changing to meet demands as it is activated across States. The best thing we can do at PEDAL is keep up to date with the changes and we are happy to pass those on to any PEDAL families. Some areas, like Autism, are still waiting for further clarification on NDIS funding. At PEDAL we are watching everything carefully for our clients.

Above all try to prepare with our help and care AND try not to worry. It might be just like the GST…a few challenging months getting used to it and then full steam ahead!

Lets hope it is a simple, beneficial change that we all welcome.