Some very famous people are on the Autism Spectrum. They operate their lives with complete normality and often flourish with the intelligent focus Autism has given them.



Registered psychologists are available through PEDAL and are supplied by our collaborative partner Centacare NENW. Please request an appointment to be made on your behalf with our administration.

Acting Class – Optimizing Social Development

It is no accident that a well known person like Christopher Knowles has learnt social skills for his roles as Batman in the  Batman trilogy. As a highly successful actor and director he has flourished with Autism. During his early years and later, he cleverly learnt social skills and emotional intelligence.

PEDAL will be offering courses in learning social skills through role play. We will be workshopping in groups of same aged children and adults in a Psycho-Social format with Therapists who are experienced in Autism and Social Psychology.

Surviving your Teenager

Being between childhood and adulthood can be a wild, risk taking adventure. Adults become very intrusive and boring as a teenager seeks out his or her peer group’s activities, mindset and culture. For a parent these days can be hazardous. Many parents don’t know the level of discipline to use or how to cope with a child’s quest for independence.

What is not clearly understood is that brain development differs for a teenager and the part of the brain called the amygdala dominates development, causing the teenager to experience an increased wish to take risks. Logic and rationale does not develop as quickly in the frontal lobe and a teenager does not understand the possible outcomes from their risk taking actions. It is the parent’s role to guide and support a child through these years and to understand the art of negotiation. This course aims to build parent’s skill base to successfully parent under difficult circumstances.

Parenting meltdowns for children affected by developmental issues

Some children don’t lose their meltdowns after 2 years of age, particularly children with cognitive difficulties. Children suffering poor abilities to communicate their needs and feelings tend to have meltdowns and don't relate to normal discipline. Parents need to learn a different way of responding to needs. This course helps parents to teach a child how to think with their frontal lobe and to understand that there are other ways to negotiate their wishes without always seeking to control situations and people through temper.

We have a number of other courses under development as well. Please register your interest to do a course, with PEDAL administration, as soon as you feel you would like to learn more from PEDAL expertise.

According to Madame Pomfrey, thought could leave deeper scars than almost anything else.
— J.K Rowling - Harry Potter