Toys and resources help aid motor skills development, improve tracking skills with visual tools and stimulate the senses – from tactile to olfactory.


PEDAL has a vast, unique, imported collection of resources …all specially designed to stimulate improvement. PEDAL cupboards are overflowing with creative and medicinal tools to help PEDAL children be the best they can be, such as:

  • Balance & Movement
  • Sensory Integration
  • Switch Adapted Device
  • Weighted Blanket

Optimizing Development for your playgroup

When we have children no one tells us exactly how they will proceed through life. We look at Lifespan Development charts of children’s milestones, height or weight and compare them to our children…wondering if all is progressing well.

If you would like to learn more about your children’s development and have them play in PEDAL’s Sensory Gym, your playgroup may like to spend time at our place. A small 10 minute lecture from our Specialists on speech, motor skills, development phases, parenting skills and dietary requirements will focus on your child’s development.

Encouraging and watching your kids riding the bicycle without the supporting small tires, and seeing the back of their shoes while pedaling and staying straight is the most beautiful scenery that a man won’t forget. I have seen it three times.
— Father of Ali