Children develop at differing rates and sometimes parents worry if their child is not speaking as well as other children of the same age. 


Sometimes one part of a child’s development races ahead while another part remains dormant. Our grandmothers knew this when they coined the phrase Early Walker, Late Talker. However, if a child misses language development milestones, they may have a language delay.

A language delay is when a child has difficulty:

  • Saying first words or learning words
  • Putting words together to make sentences
  • Building their vocabulary
  • Understanding words or sentences.

Sometimes when language is difficult for a child other issues present. Some language delays are associated with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome or hearing impairment. Many delays occur on their own.

Language Delay, Language Disorder or Speech Disorder?

A language delay is different from a speech disorder or language disorder. A speech disorder is when children have difficulty pronouncing the sounds in words. This can make their speech difficult to understand. Children with a speech disorder might have language skills that are otherwise good. That is, they understand words and sentences well and can form sentences correctly.

If a child has a language delay that doesn’t go away, it might be a sign of a language disorder. A language disorder is characterized by significant delays in learning to talk and understand language. Children with speech disorders do not necessarily have a language delay, but they can have both.

At PEDAL our Speech Pathologists are highly trained:

  • Bachelors and Masters of Speech and Education from Sydney/ Macquarie Universities/UNE
  • Hanen, Spalding and Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Cert IV and Cert III Educator for Allied Health, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Lets Chew it Over – Paediatric Feeding Assessment and Management
  • Specialist speech, language, literacy and social therapy for children aged 4 – 12 years
  • Comprehensive assessment and progress reports
  • Extensive experience with Cerebral Palsy and other childhood medical conditions

I like knowing my son is benefiting from therapies to support his individual accommodation through qualified, professional and nurturing staff. I want to continue accessing PEDAL as my son ages and continues through school.
— Mother of Ben