PEDAL Early Intervention


PEDAL Early Intervention is a Not for Profit NGO (Non-government Organisation) which has operated quality Early Childhood programs in Armidale and district since 1976. This growing Paediatric and family-centred NGO offers services to the New England and North West of NSW. 

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PEDAL Early Intervention is a family-centred educational and allied health service providing care, support and programs to the families of children with developmental delay and or disability 0-7 years of age. The PEDAL purpose-built space offers art and music rooms, garden and consulting rooms and a sensory gym. Staff deliver services not only at the centre but also via home and schools, visits to pre-schools and parks, libraries and playgrounds.

PEDAL focuses on helping clients reach their full potential in life.

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PEDAL uses an Interdisciplinary Team approach to Early Intervention. This involves specialists from different disciplines working collaboratively, with a common purpose, to set goals and make decisions to achieve outcomes for a child.

Our Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Early Intervention Educators and our Cognitive Development and Behavioural Therapist work together with your child’s goals in mind. They will meet regularly to discuss progress and strategies, share insights and help each other develop and implement programs and resources. The team will also work with parents, carers, teachers, paediatricians, other health professionals and key stakeholders from the child’s wider support networks to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Affiliated with local Paediatricians Dr Wiles, Dr Cotterell and Dr Power who join PEDAL in regular client case conferencing and review